Programme Details Of MBA 3-1/2- Human Resource Management (HRM)

Programme Name:MBA 3-1/2- Human Resource Management (HRM)
The Department of Business Administration was established in 1986 with the objective to impart managerial education and skills in the discipline of Business Administration. Since its inception, the Department has made tremendous progress towards achieving its ultimate goal of becoming a centre of excellence in the discipline of Business Management. The Department has assembled outstanding teaching faculty and developed extensive teaching material for the improvement of education in Pakistan. The University first time launched MBA program in 1986, MBA-IT in 2001 and MBA Banking & Finance in Spring 2005 semester. The department has launched MBA 3-� year program in Autumn 2011 and MBA 2-� year Program in Autumn 2012 Semester. These programs are in four different specializations. It is hoped that these programs would contribute significantly to the national goal of development of professions equipped with modern business techniques. These programs are designed to provide an opportunity to upgrade the skills and enhance professional qualifications of the future managers. Further, we are of the opinion that the graduates from this university would have recognition in the human resource market and enjoy a respectable status in public and private sector organizations, operating in Pakistan and abroad. The Department has well qualified faculty members including PhDs, MPhil/MS both from national and foreign universities. The Department is planning to offer PhD in Business Administration through mode of Distance Learning system in near future. However, at present, the department is offering Master degree programs in order to achieve the following objectives:
To prepare graduates for public and private sector organizations and to equip them to cater the needs of complex and changing business environment.
To encourage continuous learning and habitual receptiveness, explore the new ways of identifying and dealing with opportunities and problems, to face future business challenges.
To provide the business students bottom to top management orientation skills, enhance their business skills, enable them to integrate theory business into practice in their daily lives.
Admission Requirement:
Applicants having at least 2nd division (45% marks) in final degree of 14 years education i.e. graduation (BA/BSc/BCom/BBA/Associate Degree Programs of 2 years) from any HEC recognized Institution / university would be eligible to apply
Selection Process:
All eligible candidates will be granted Admission subject to fulfilling Eligibility criteria.
Duration:3 Years 6 Months
Medium of Instruction:English
Teaching Methodology:
Face to Face Classes.
AIOU Credits Required:100 Credit Hours
Course Required:Semester: 1
1. Financial Accounting-8501
2. Human Resource Management-8502
3. Management Theory & Practice-8506
4. Management Information Systems-8507
5. Business Communications-8570

Semester: 2
1. Managerial Accounting-8508
2. Production & Operations Management-8509
3. Business Research-8510
4. Marketing Management-8511
5. Business Mathematics & Statistics-8532

Semester: 3
1. Financial Management-8513
2. Business and Labor Laws-8514
3. Consumer Behavior-8515
4. Project Management-8516
5. Organizational Behavior-8517

Semester: 4
1. Human Resource Development-8518
2. Training and Development-8519
3. Compensation Management-8520
4. Leadership and Team Management-8521
5. Managerial Economics-8522

Semester: 5
1. Business Policy and Strategy-8505
2. Advanced Research Methods-8535
3. International Business and Finance-8536
4. Strategic Marketing-8537
5. Strategic Human Resource Management-8538

Semester: 6
1. Entrepreneurship-8503
2. Strategic Human Resource Development-8539
3. Organization Theory & Design-8540
4. International Human Resource Management-8541
5. Human Resource Change Management-8542

Semester: 7
1. Research Project-8565

Elective / Major Courses: